ProXL 2K Lacquer Kit: Premium Two-Component Lacquer for Exceptional Results

ProXL 2K Lacquer Kit: Premium Two-Component Lacquer for Exceptional Results

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The 2K Clearcoat has a fast -drying time with excellent flow out, ideal for coating both large and small surfaces. This versatile clearcoat will achieve a UV resistant, high gloss an durable finish in just 2 coats. The mixing ratio is 2 part Clearcoat to 1 part Hardener.

Application instruction:

All surface must be prepared and dried sufficiently before application. When applying on exiting finished the surface must also be prepped and degreased before application.

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✨ Elevate Your Automotive Refinishing Game with ProXL 2K Lacquer Kit – Unleash Brilliance in Every Coat!

Introducing the ProXL 2K Lacquer Kit – where innovation meets simplicity, transforming automotive refinishing into an art form! This kit isn’t just a duo of clear-coat and hardener; it’s a symphony of brilliance, designed to bring out the true beauty of your vehicle.

⚡️Key Features:

Dynamic Duo: The ProXL 2K Lacquer Kit combines a 1L powerhouse of 2K clear-coat with a perfectly balanced 500ml of hardener, creating a harmonious blend for unparalleled results.

Crystal-Clear Brilliance: Watch your vehicle come to life with a high-gloss, crystal-clear finish that captivates onlookers and enthusiasts alike.

Effortless Application: ProXL’s user-friendly formula ensures that both professionals and DIY enthusiasts can achieve showroom-quality results with ease.

Enduring Protection: Beyond beauty, ProXL 2K Lacquer Kit offers lasting protection, shielding your automotive masterpiece against the elements.

⚡️Why Choose ProXL 2K Kit?

❗️Complete Solution: Everything you need in one kit – no guesswork, no complications.

❗️Automotive Excellence: Ideal for all automotive refinishing, ProXL elevates your vehicle’s aesthetic to the next level.

❗️Professional-Grade Finish: Enjoy results that rival the finest in the industry, making every paint job a masterpiece.

Ideal for All Automotive Refinishing:

  • Restorations
  • Customisations
  • Touch-ups

Bring Your Vision to Life! ProXL 2K Lacquer Kit isn’t just a product; it’s an invitation to redefine your vehicle’s identity. Whether you’re restoring a classic or adding your personal touch, ProXL ensures that your automotive vision becomes a reality.

Dive into the world of automotive excellence with the ProXL 2K Lacquer Kit – where every coat is a stroke of brilliance! ✨

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