Industrial products can be supplied in Aerosols, Touch Up Pots and Cellulose tins. The colours can be chosen from a RAL or British Standard colour chart or you can supply a sample panel and we can match directly to this. The sample panel will be sent back with the paint unless you request for a formulation

Cellulose Application:

  • Preparation – You can use one of our grey or red scotchbrite to key back the surface you are applying to. Then use one of our Tak Cloths to remove any excess dirt and dust.
  • Primer – We supply different primers such as High Build Primer (Grey and White) or an Etch Primer.
  • Paint – Industrial Cellulose paint comes in different sizes which has to be applied through a spray gun. In order to use this paint you will need to thin this down using the mixing ratio 1:1. We supply different thinners for different seasons.
    1. Premium Thinner – Recommended for use during Spring/Summer
    2. Anti-Bloom Thinner – Recommended for use during Autumn/Winter
    3. Standard Thinner – Primarily used for thinning the primer and cleaning down surfaces/equipment.
  • Lacquer – This is not required but can add one if needed/required for extra protection.
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