We supply a wide range of  synthetic Tekaloid, Tractol and Bygone Colours products including paints, primers and topcoats, which are ideally suited for use within the narrowboat and inland waterways markets. To select your coach enamel paint colour you can refer to the Tekaloid paint colour charts or RAL and British standard colour charts. If you can’t find the colour you are looking for then we can colour match the paint to a sample panel provided.

Tractol & Tekaloid Application:

  • Preparation –  You can use one of our grey, green or red scotchbrite to key back the surface you are applying to. Then use one of our Tak Cloths to remove any excess dirt and dust. You can also use our Panel Wipe to remove any grease. 
  • Primer – We can supply different primers for different bare materials/surfaces (Tekaloid BDX Primer used for wood, Cellulose Etch Primer for Metal). 
  • Topcoat – This will be used over the primer, this will be brush/roller applied to the surface. 
  • Lacquer/Varnish – You can use our Extra Pale Varnish, however this is not required but can be used for extra protection. 

Bygone Colours Application:

  • Preparation – You can use one of our green, grey or red scotchbrite to key back the surface you are applying to. Then use one of our Tack Cloths to remove any excess dirt and dust. 
  • Primer – You will need to add a primer to the surface. We recommend our 1K high build anti-corrosive synthetic primer. This is available in Dark Grey. For other materials, please speak to our technical team. 
  • Undercoat – You can add an undercoat for better coverage. We recommend our Master Craftsman undercoat available in different colours. 
  • Paint – Our synthetic paint range by Bygone Colours is brush/roller applied. You can add up to 10% of 2611 or 2612 thinner to help with the brush drag. All Bygone Colours products are proud to carry the Made in Britain stamp.

NB Due to unprecedented cost and supply issues and the difficulty in obtaining raw materials for the Tekaloid and Tractol brands we have made the decision to replace these with our British manufactured alternative, Bygone Colours. We currently still have a large selection of Tekaloid and Tractol products in stock but Bygone Colours will be offered as a cost effective alternative. Please read here for more details…

 Please sign up to access our Technical Hub, where you will be able to refer to the relevant data sheet for more information. 
"We were painting our narrowboat and approached Breakwells to supply our paint. We were supplied with a quality product of primer, undercoat and top coat. the finish we got was amazing and we would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who is looking for a quality product. top marks from us."
John H