Everything You Need To Know About 2K Paint!

What is 2K paint?

2K paint means it has got 2 components to it which are the paint and a hardener. A hardener is needed because it only chemically cures when it’s activated. It dries quickly and once it’s dried, it’s hard-wearing and it weathers well.  2K products have got a high level of colour retention. 

2K topcoat and primer have anti-corrosive properties which prevent the substrate from rusting. Once the topcoat is dried, this can be overcoated with another 2K product or with a single product. With 2K products having a hardener and in most cases thinners, consideration needs to be given to get the correct mixing ratio. If this isn’t done then it would be harder to apply and it wouldn’t cure. 

It usually dries as a non-convertible coating which means the product of a higher solvent can be applied without the fear of the original coating being ruined.  The mixing ratio is variable depending on which product you’re having.

Some 2K products can be used without a primer however, we advise you to check first. 

Where can you use 2K paint?

Because of the durability and the hard-wearing of the paint, it’s best to use this on surfaces that will be exposed to harsh environments or placed directly in the sun.  

2K paint can be used on external components such as steel fabrication, cars, trucks, jet skis, etc. It can also be used internally on floors, and steel etc. It’s fantastic to use in coastal environments for boats that are going out in the sea and are going to be exposed to harsh environments as well as any structure that is exposed to coastal environments such as piers, coastal walkways barriers, flood barriers, etc. 

2K paint

Difference between 1K and 2K paints

Base: 1k paint is normally oil-based, and solvent-based which has pigments that give it the colour. 2K paint is normally made with acrylic or polyurethane.

Drying: 1K paint tends to take longer to dry compared to 2K paint. It’s mostly dried because of the hardener but 1K paint air dries. 

Durability: 2Kand 1K can offer the same level of hardness. 2K has a longer life span than some 1K products. The correct paint choices are crucial to your coating requirements. 

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