Technical Hub

Welcome to our Technical Hub. Here you can view our regularly updated FAQ’s, as well as access to Data Sheets, Car Colour Code finder and be able to sign up for online access.

Data Sheets

We can supply both technical and safety data sheets for all of our products. If you require data sheets please contact us:
Whatsapp us on 07432188542

Please reference the product you require the data sheets for. This may take between 24-48 hours as we may have to contact our supplier for this. 


The colour code will either be found under the Bonnet, in the Boot or on the driver/passenger door. Please see below in the Colour Code Location section for more information. 

The mixing ratios for the paints we supply are: 

  • Cellulose (Spray) - 1:1 mix with Premium Thinners
  • Tractol/Tekaloid (Brush) - No thinners are required
  • Tractol/Tekaloid (Spray) - Mix paint with 20% of Synthetic Thinners 
  • Basecoat - 1:1 mix with Univeral Thinners
  • 2 Pack - 2:1 mix with 2K Activator and 10-20% Universal Thinners. 

All thinners will be available on the online shop

If you need any further advice please contact us and we will get back to you. 

We match to standard colour charts (RAL/BS/Car Colour Charts) however if you need this matching directly we advise you send in a sample panel as colours can vary. 

When you send in a sample panel our paint mixers will colour match by eye. They will keep tinting the paint over and painting it out onto a spray-out card. Once the paint has dried on the card they will check against the sample and if it needs amending they will add more tinters until the colour is correct. 

We currently supply a small range of Heat-Resistant paint, which can be ordered here

We can supply Tractol which is an alternative to Hammerite.

If you need further information please contact us. 

We match to RAL Classic and BS 4800 & BS 381C colour charts. If you choose a colour from these charts we would require a gloss level.  

If the colour you require is not on these charts or is a shade off, please supply a sample panel and we can match to this. 

At the moment we do not supply Candy Colours. 

We have launched a household paint range called, ColoursBy. 

We have first launched ColoursBy Chloe which is for interior use. 

We have now launched ColoursBy Craig which is for exterior use.

We advise that you apply a primer to bare materials. We supply several primers for different materials. 

You do not have to apply a primer if you are over-coating existing paint, however you can to help with the coverage for the paint. 

Please contact us if you are unsure of what primer you require. 


We only have one store which is located in Leamore, Walsall, WS3 1EL. 

We offer a collection service for customers who are local or we can supply delivery to customers who are further away. 

We can send goods directly to your homes, business address or site addresses as long as we have the full address and contact details. 

We do not go out to sites and apply the paint. We only supply the paint mixes. 


Still Have a Question?

    Colour Code Locations

    Colour codes will usually be found under the Bonnet, in the Boot or on the Passenger/Driver door. If you are unable to locate the colour code from these 4 places please call us on 01922 400444 or supply us with a sample panel which our mixers can colour match to.