ProXL 2K Lacquer 1L: Premium Finish for Professional Results

ProXL 2K Lacquer 1L: Premium Finish for Professional Results

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Proxl Generation20 High Solids Clearcoat has a fast-drying time with excellent flow out, ideal for coating both large and small surfaces. This versatile clearcoat will achieve a UV-resistant, high gloss, and durable finish in just 2 coats.

Proxl Generation20 High Solids Clearcoat is a 2K product and needs mixing with a suitable isocyanate hardener prior to use. The mixing ratio (by volume): 2 parts Clearcoat to 1 part Proxl Universal Hardener.

Application Instruction:

All surfaces must be prepared and dried sufficiently before application. When applying on existing finishes the surface must also be prepped and degreased before application.


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✨ Introducing the ProXL 2K Lacquer – the epitome of top-tier finishing solutions ⚡️

❇️ Engineered for perfection, this clearcoat stands out with its remarkable fast-drying time and outstanding flow out, making it the go-to choice for coating surfaces of any size, whether large or small.

❇️ Versatility takes center stage as this lacquer effortlessly achieves a UV-resistant, high-gloss, and durable finish in just two coats. Whether you’re tackling a comprehensive automotive project or fine-tuning intricate details, ProXL 2K Lacquer ensures professional-grade results with efficiency and precision.

❇️ Say goodbye to prolonged drying times and hello to a flawless finish that not only protects against UV damage but also delivers a stunning gloss that stands the test of time. Elevate your craftsmanship and project outcomes with the confidence that comes from using ProXL 2K Lacquer – where speed, quality, and durability converge in a single, exceptional clear-coat.