Bumper Repair Kit: Seamless Solutions for Flawless Bumper Restoration

Bumper Repair Kit: Seamless Solutions for Flawless Bumper Restoration

£26.50 (exc VAT)


✨ Transform Your Bumper with Our All-Inclusive Repair Wizard – The Ultimate Bumper Repair Kit is Here! ⚡️

Introducing the Great Value Bumper Repair Kit – your secret weapon for turning bumper blunders into a masterpiece! ✨ Packed with everything you need for a seamless repair, this kit is not just a game-changer; it’s a DIY dream come true.

⚡️ ⚡️ What’s Inside:

High Build Primer: Lay the foundation for a flawless finish with a burst of high build primer, setting the stage for your bumper transformation.

Custom Fill Aerosol: Infuse personality into your repair! Choose from a palette of vibrant paint colours with our custom fill aerosol, ensuring your bumper reflects your unique style.

Clear Lacquer: Seal the deal with a glossy finish! Our clear lacquer adds a protective layer, making your bumper shine and safeguarding it against the elements.

Essential Tools: Arm yourself with precision tools – 1″ masking tape, 800 and 1200 grit wet and dry sanding papers – for detailed perfection and a professional touch.

How It Works:

  1. Select Your Vehicle Make: Cruise through checkout by choosing your vehicle make.
  2. Pick Your Paint Colour Code: Dive into a rainbow of possibilities with your preferred paint colour code.
  3. Sit Back – We Handle the Rest: Relax as our experts curate a personalised kit tailored to your vehicle’s make and your desired paint shade.

Why Opt for Our Bumper Repair Kit?

All-In-One Brilliance: No need to hunt for separate items – everything you need is neatly bundled in one sleek kit.

Tailored Perfection: Your vehicle, your style. Personalise your repair with a colour that complements your personality.

Expert Guidance: Can’t find your vehicle make? Dial 01922 400444, and our specialists will guide you through the process.

Turn your bumper into a work of art with our Bumper Repair Kit. Experience the joy of DIY excellence, personalised to your ride’s identity – because every repair deserves to be a masterpiece! ⚡️

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