Alloy Refurbishment Kit: Renew Your Wheels with Exquisite Precision

Alloy Refurbishment Kit: Renew Your Wheels with Exquisite Precision

£55.00 (exc VAT)


⚡️✨ Unleash the Power of Transformation with Our Alloy Refurbishment Kit – Your Alloys’ Makeover Awaits! ⚡️

Introducing the Ultimate Alloy Refurbishment Kit – a symphony of hues and brilliance that turns your worn-out wheels into a custom masterpiece! ✨ This isn’t just a kit; it’s a promise to revamp your ride with style and sophistication.

➡️ What’s Inside:

Double Trouble Primer: Elevate your alloys with not one, but two rounds of high build primer, ensuring a resilient canvas for the vibrant transformation that awaits.

Dynamic Duo of Wheel Colour: Choose from an array of wheel colours with our double dose of Wheel Colour aerosols, allowing you to customise and express your individuality.

Clear Lacquer Magic: Seal the deal with a glossy finish! Our Clear Lacquer adds a protective layer, ensuring your alloys shine and resist the wear and tear of the open road.

Essential Tools: Equip yourself with precision tools – 1″ masking tape, 800 and 1200 grit wet and dry sanding papers – for detailed perfection and a professional touch.

➡️ How It Works:

  1. Select Your Vehicle Make: Cruise through checkout by choosing your vehicle make.
  2. Pick Your Paint Colour Code: Dive into a world of possibilities with your preferred paint colour code.
  3. Rest Easy – We’ve Got It: Relax as our experts curate a personalised kit tailored to your vehicle’s make and your desired alloy shade.

⁉️ Why Opt for Our Alloy Refurbishment Kit?

Double the Wow: Two rounds of high build primer ensure maximum durability and a flawless foundation for your alloy’s makeover.

❕ Your Style, Your Alloy: Express yourself with a duo of wheel colours, allowing you to customise and make a statement on the road.

❕ Professional-Grade Finish: With Clear Lacquer, enjoy a protective layer that not only shines but withstands the rigours of the road.

Transform your wheels into a work of art with our Alloy Refurbishment Kit. Elevate your ride with a touch of personality and a dash of brilliance – because your alloys deserve to stand out! ⚡️

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