Tractol Synthetic Enamel Paint – Durable and Vibrant Coating Solution

Tractol Synthetic Enamel Paint – Durable and Vibrant Coating Solution

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Synthetic enamel paint

Tractol Paint


✨ Elevate your painting projects with our Synthetic Enamel Paint, offering optimal coverage and customisable finishes. Unleash your creativity with approximately 8-10 sqm coverage per 1L, though the actual yield may vary based on colour and application method. ✨

❗️ Limitless Colour Options: Your vision, your colour! Our enamel paint can be processed in any RAL/BS code or sample, opening up a world of possibilities for personalised aesthetics. Note that metallic finishes are excluded, ensuring a consistent, non-metallic result.

❗️ Application Versatility: Designed primarily for brush application, our paint is perfect for hands-on, detailed work. For those who prefer spraying, simply add 10% synthetic thinners to the mix for a smooth application, maintaining the integrity of your chosen colour.

❗️ Gloss Level Customisation: Tailor your finish with ease! Our enamel paint can be processed in any gloss level, allowing you to achieve the desired sheen – be it a matte sophistication or a glossy brilliance.

❗️ Primer Compatibility: Lay the groundwork for success! For metal surfaces, we recommend Etch Primer Grey, while wood surfaces thrive with BDX Primer. These primers provide the ideal foundation for long-lasting and vibrant results.

❗️ Undercoat Advice: While not mandatory, we recommend applying an undercoat after the primer for enhanced coverage. This extra step ensures a flawless finish and brings out the true potential of your chosen colour.

In the realm of transformative finishes, our Paint Solution reigns supreme. Whether you’re an artist at heart or a DIY enthusiast, experience the freedom to customise, create, and elevate. With our comprehensive instructions and versatile application options, your projects are bound for success. Unleash your creativity and transform surfaces with a product designed for perfection. Because when it comes to paint, your vision deserves nothing less!

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