**NEW** Coach Enamel

**NEW** Coach Enamel

£32.50 (exc VAT)

Bygone Colours


Bygone Colours coach enamel is a premium synthetic enamel paint which is primarily used for brush application. It gives an extra-long wet edge time allowing it to be brushed without brush drag. It gives an ultimate high gloss finish, with an excellent water resistance, flexibility and good exterior durability and toughness.

It covers roughly 8-10sqm per 1 litre, depending on application and is available in a large range of colour codes, including RAL, BS, Tekaloid and Tractol etc. This paint is ideal for use in different sectors such as Narrowboats, Heritage Cars, Locomotive, Agricultural and many more! We also have a range of primer and undercoats available for use with Bygone Colours Coach Enamel.

All Bygone Colours products are proud to carry the Made in Britain stamp.