Breakwells Paints are now Stockists of Pawa Safety Gloves!

Breakwells Paints sister company Arcs N Sparks, a leading supplier in the Corporate Workwear and PPE industries, are now a West Midlands distributor for Pawa Gloves. 

Pawa gloves understand that different work environments have different requirements and with this in mind, they have created a range of different gloves to suit all your work requirements. The 5 ranges of safety gloves cover everything from cut resistant to liquid repellent and cold resistant to breathable and dexterous and so much more! Here’s a list of the key features and benefits of each range and which industries and applications they are best suited to:

Breathable & Dexterous Safety Gloves:
This range features a Nitrile Nano Foam Coating giving 360 degree breathability and anti-fatigue technology, with the PG101, PG102, PG103 and PG111 also boasting superior level 4 abrasion resistance. The PG122 also features superior dexterity. These are ideal for Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Logistics industries where employees are handling oily components and tools, sorting small parts and dry handling. All gloves are Oeko-Tex approved.

Liquid Repellent Safety Gloves:
This range features PawaDRY liquid-repellent technology making them ideal for any wet handling tasks, greasy parts and oily components handling. The range offers both water-repellent and oil-repellent options with the PG201 and PG241 both boasting level 2 protection against intermittent heat contact up to 250 degrees. This range is ideal for many industries including Automotive, Oil & Gas, Shipping Ports, Agricultural, Refuse and Recycling and Chilled Operations. All gloves are Oeko-Tex approved.

Sharp Handling Safety Gloves:
This range is ideal for anyone who is handling sharp objects such as sheet metal and they are ideal for heavy duty tasks where there are moderate cut risks. The range also features 360 degree breathability and cut level B and C protection with the PG310 also boasting touchscreen capability, ensuring the user can still use their devices whilst wearing the gloves. This range is ideal for Construction, Engineering, Glass, Metal Fabrication and Automotive. All gloves are Oeko-Tex approved.

Cold-Resistant Safety Gloves:
The PG400 features a Thermolite cold-resistant liner with high dexterity and a great grip whilst also featuring a 3/4 dipped latex grip which remains supple in cold conditions allowing the workers to perform to their maximum. It is the thinnest EN511 level 2 glove on the market! It is ideal for Agriculture, Construction, Chilled Operations, Logistics and landscaping. All gloves are Oeko-Tex approved.

Cut-Resistant Gloves:
This range is feature heavy and includes excellent grip, oil-resistant, cut-resistant and contact heat resistant options with the PG515 boasting superior level E cut resistance. They are ideal for a wide range of industries including  Metal fabrication, Glass, Engineering, Refuse & Recycling and Oil & Gas. All gloves are Oeko-Tex approved.

The top selling Pawa safety gloves can be found on our online shop, but if you’re not sure which range is for you then please call the office on 01922 400444. If you would prefer to try the gloves for yourselves then our sister company Arcs N Sparks, who are based locally in Willenhall, has an instore shop where you can browse the range of Pawa Gloves at your leisure.  


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