Stonechip Coating 1L: Ultimate Protection for Your Surfaces

Stonechip Coating 1L: Ultimate Protection for Your Surfaces

£10.00 (exc VAT)

Stonechip 1L available in black and grey.


⚡️ Introducing our Stonechip and Anti-Corrosion Coating – the ultimate solution for protecting and enhancing various vehicle surfaces. From bumpers and front aprons to doorsills and chassis, this versatile coating provides exceptional adhesion, resistance, and durability. Elevate your automotive care routine with a product designed to withstand the elements and offer long-lasting protection. ⚡️

❇️ Versatile Application: Our Stonechip and Anti-Corrosion Coating is your all-in-one solution for multiple vehicle surfaces, including bumpers, aprons, doorsills, and chassis. Experience comprehensive protection and enhancement in one application.

❇️ Exceptional Adhesion: Achieve peace of mind with a coating that boasts very good adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Trust in the reliability of our product to stay securely bonded, providing lasting protection to your vehicle surfaces.

❇️ Weather-Resistant Defence: Tackle various climates with confidence! This coating offers very good resistance to weathering, spray water, and abrasion, ensuring your vehicle remains shielded from the harshest elements.

❇️ Application Perfection: Ensure optimal results by applying our Stonechip and Anti-Corrosion Coating to clean, dry, rust-free, dust-free, and grease-free surfaces. The meticulous preparation ensures a flawless finish and maximum protective benefits.

❇️ Easy Application: Applying the coating is a breeze! Use an air-line fed gun with an air pressure of 3-6 bar, maintaining an optimum spraying distance of about 30cm. Achieve professional results with ease, even on primed surfaces.

❇️ Sound Deadening Bonus: Experience an additional layer of benefit! Beyond anti-corrosion properties, our coating also provides sound deadening benefits, ensuring a quieter and more enjoyable driving experience.

Transform your vehicle surfaces with our Stonechip and Anti-Corrosion Coating – where protection meets perfection. From exceptional adhesion to weather-resistant defence, this coating elevates your automotive care routine. Experience the durability of a dried elastic film, offering reliable protection against diverse climates and potential gravel damage. Elevate your vehicle care with a product designed for lasting excellence.