Spray-Out Cards

For every non-standard colour that we match we produce a spray-out card. This ensures that the end user can inspect the colour before they use the paint.

Our paint mixers will apply to the card and leave to dry, they can then check this against the sample they are matching to ensure the colour is correct. If extra tinters need adding they will then re-apply the paint to the card and then check against the sample. They will ensure the colour on the card is the correct colour before giving back to the customer.

A small sample is taken from the same batch of paint supplied and applied to a card. This allows us to visually check the colour match, ensuring any adjustments can be made without even using the finish product.

• Allows quick visual check of the colour
• Corrects colour errors before spraying

• Can be given to customers before contractors start the job
• Allows a colour sample to be retained as a ‘master’ standard

Our mixers will spread the paint out onto our spray out cards which have a checkerboard on the back. This will test the opacity of the paint and to make sure that it will cover light and dark colours.