uPVC Aerosol Spray Paint Can – 400ml

uPVC Aerosol Spray Paint Can – 400ml

£12.50 (exc VAT)

**Bulk discounts applied on 13 or more aerosols of the same colour**

13-24     –   £11.67 ex vat
25-48     –   £10.83 ex vat
49 -96    –   £10.42 ex vat
97-120   –   £10.00 ex vat
121+       –   £9.17 ex vat


✨ Transform Your uPVC Surfaces with Our 1K uPVC Aerosol – Where Colour, Ease, and Brilliance Converge! ✨

Introducing the artisan of spray paints – our 1K Acrylic uPVC Aerosol, a vibrant spectrum of possibilities available in Matt, Satin, or Gloss finishes. This paint isn’t just a burst of colour; it’s a promise of easy application, fast-drying magic, and direct adhesion excellence to uPVC surfaces.

⚡️ Key Features of our uPVC Aerosol:

Finish Freedom: Choose your visual poetry – whether it’s the velvety allure of Matt, the silky elegance of Satin, or the dazzling radiance of Gloss, our acrylic spray paint caters to your finishing desires.

Effortless Application: Glide into a world of simplicity with our easy-to-use spray paint, ensuring your uPVC surfaces transform with grace and precision.

Express Lane Drying: No more waiting – our fast-drying formula accelerates the transformation process, allowing you to enjoy your newly coloured uPVC spaces in no time.

Adhesion Mastery: Say goodbye to primers – our acrylic paint boasts excellent direct adhesion to uPVC, making the application a breeze without compromising durability.

Colour Palette Extravaganza: Dive into a sea of colours! Our paint can be colour-matched to all RAL and BS codes, ensuring your uPVC projects embrace the exact shades you envision.

Spray Gun Versatility: For larger-than-life projects, our paint is available in 1L, 2.5L, and 5L options for spray gun application, with the added touch of 2661 thinner for a seamless finish.

⚡️⚡️ Bulk Colour Symphony: Planning a grandeur of colour transformation? Enjoy exclusive bulk discounts when you order 13 aerosols or more of the same colour – because more colour should come with more savings!

➡️ Why Opt for Our 1K Acrylic uPVC Aerosol?

❗️ Versatility Unleashed: From the finesse of Matt to the opulence of Gloss, choose the finish that complements your style and space.

❗️ Efficiency in Every Spray: Achieve a uniform and efficient application, ensuring your uPVC surfaces are adorned with perfection.

❗️ Colour Your Way: Explore colour-matching wonders with options tailored to all RAL and BS codes, ensuring your vision is brought to life.

Transform your uPVC spaces into a canvas of colour with our 1K Acrylic uPVC Aerosol – because every spray should be a stroke of brilliance! ⚡️

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