Tekaloid Topcoat – Premium Finish for Lasting Impressions

Tekaloid Topcoat – Premium Finish for Lasting Impressions

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Tekaloid Paint


⚡️ Elevate your painting projects with Tekaloid, a premium coating that blends excellence with versatility. With an impressive coverage of approximately 8-10 sqm per 1L, the application potential is vast, influenced by colour and method. ⚡️

✅ Limitless Colour Possibilities: Tekaloid invites you to explore a world of colour. Processed in any RAL/BS code or sample, your palette is boundless, excluding metallic finishes for a consistent, non-metallic result.

✅ Primarily Brush Application: Craftsmanship meets precision! Tekaloid thrives in brush applications, allowing you to infuse your project with detail and control. Should you prefer spraying, simply add 10% synthetic thinners for a seamless transition from brush to spray.

✅ Gloss Level Customisation: Tailor your finish to perfection! This topcoat adapts to your desired gloss level, offering a spectrum from matte sophistication to glossy brilliance. The power to define your project’s sheen is at your fingertips.

✅ Primer Compatibility: Set the foundation for success! Choose Etch Primer Grey for metal surfaces or BDX Primer for wood surfaces, ensuring optimal adhesion and durability. While an undercoat after the primer is advised for enhanced coverage, it is not mandatory.

In the world of coatings, Tekaloid stands as a testament to adaptability, allowing you to paint your vision with precision and flair. Whether you’re a seasoned painter or a DIY enthusiast, Tekaloid offers the tools to transform surfaces into works of art. Seize the opportunity to create, customise, and elevate with Tekaloid – where each stroke brings you closer to a masterpiece!

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