Scotchbrite Grey (Fine) Abrasive Pads – Precision Surface Preparation

Scotchbrite Grey (Fine) Abrasive Pads – Precision Surface Preparation

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Used for surface and primer preparation and also removal of light rust. Available in 3 different grades so you can achieve the finish you require.

  • Green – Coarse
  • Red – Medium
  • Grey – Fine


Introducing our versatile Scotchbrite Grey – the ultimate solution for achieving a flawless finish in your projects! Each pack contains 10 high-quality abrasive pads designed to make your surface and primer preparation a breeze while effortlessly eliminating light rust.

What sets our product apart is the thoughtful inclusion of three distinct colours, each representing a different level of grit to cater to your specific needs:

❇️ Green – Coarse: Tackle those tough surfaces with ease. The coarse abrasive power of the green pad is perfect for heavy-duty tasks, ensuring that even the most stubborn imperfections are smoothed away.

⁉️ Red – Medium: Achieve a balanced surface preparation with our medium-grit red pads. Ideal for removing moderate imperfections, these pads strike the perfect equilibrium between aggressive and gentle abrasion.

➡️ Grey – Fine: For the finishing touch, our fine-grit grey pads deliver a smooth and polished surface. Perfect for delicate jobs and adding that professional touch to your projects, the grey pad ensures a flawless outcome every time.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, our Scotchbrite Grey is a must-have in your toolbox. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and hello to a world of precision and perfection. Trust the power of colour-coded efficiency with our 10-per-pack solution, and let your projects shine like never before!