Panel Wipe 5L: Precision Cleaning for Immaculate Surfaces

Panel Wipe 5L: Precision Cleaning for Immaculate Surfaces

£25.00 (exc VAT)


Introducing our Panel Wipe – the indispensable solution for achieving a pristine surface in preparation for your next project. This specialised formula is meticulously crafted to clean and remove excess compounds, polishes, oils, and other contaminants, ensuring a flawless canvas for the application of your chosen products.

Prepares Surfaces to Perfection: Elevate your surface preparation with our Panel Wipe, designed to meticulously clean and remove any lingering compounds, polishes, oils, or contaminants. Achieve a surface that is flawlessly primed for the application of your next product.

✨ Ideal for Automotive Surfaces: Whether you’re working on cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles, our Panel Wipe is your go-to solution for achieving a professionally cleaned surface. Ensure that your automotive projects start on the right foundation.

✨ Efficient Contaminant Removal: Experience the efficiency of our Panel Wipe as it swiftly eliminates contaminants, leaving your surfaces pristine and ready for the next stage of your project. Say goodbye to excess compounds and oils with ease.

✨ Versatile Compatibility: Our Panel Wipe is compatible with various surfaces and materials, offering versatility in application. Whether you’re working on metal, plastic, or painted surfaces, trust in this formula to deliver consistent and reliable results.

✨ Time-Saving Precision: Achieve quick and precise cleaning, ensuring that your surfaces are ready for the next product application without unnecessary delays.

Transform your surface preparation with the precision and efficiency of our Panel Wipe – where cleanliness meets perfection. Whether you’re a professional in the automotive industry or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, this product sets the stage for superior results in your projects.