Industrial Aerosol Kit: Precision Coating in a Convenient Package

Industrial Aerosol Kit: Precision Coating in a Convenient Package

£21.00 (exc VAT)

Industrial Aerosol Kit: Unleash precision coatings effortlessly. This convenient kit ensures professional-grade results for all your industrial projects. Elevate efficiency and quality.


✨ Elevate Your Industrial Projects with Our All-in-One Industrial Aerosol Kit – Where Precision Meets Performance! ⚡️

Introducing the Industrial Aerosol Kit – a comprehensive ensemble that doesn’t just meet expectations; it exceeds them! ✨ Your one-stop solution for industrial brilliance, this kit is a symphony of essentials designed to elevate your projects to new heights.

➡️ Key Components:

400ml Grey Etch Primer Aerosol: Lay the groundwork for excellence with our high-performance etch primer. An industrial essential, it creates the foundation for a flawless finish, ensuring your project stands the test of time.

400ml Aerosol – RAL/BS Required: Your colour, your choice! Pick a shade that aligns with your project requirements, be it a specific RAL or BS colour. We don’t just offer paint; we provide a palette for your industrial canvas.

1″ Roll of Masking Tape: Precision is paramount! Our masking tape ensures clean lines and defined edges, allowing you to work with accuracy and confidence.

Choose Your Free Bonus:

1️⃣ Option 1 – Various Wet and Dry Sheets (5): Perfect your surfaces with a curated selection of wet and dry sheets, offering versatility for all your finishing needs.

2️⃣ Option 2 – Tack Rags (3): Wipe away imperfections effortlessly with our tack rags – the unsung heroes of surface preparation.

3️⃣ Option 3 – Scotch Pads (3): Add finesse to your finishes with Scotch pads, providing the perfect touch for a professional-grade outcome.

❇️ Why Opt for Our Industrial Aerosol Kit?

❕ Complete Industrial Brilliance: From primer to paint and precision tools, our kit has it all – a holistic solution for your industrial endeavours.

❕ Custom Colour, Your Way: Choose from a wide range of RAL/BS colours, ensuring your project reflects your vision with precision.

❕ Bonus Essentials: Enhance your toolkit with bonus options, ensuring you have everything you need for a superior finish.

Equip yourself with the best. Elevate your industrial projects with our all-in-one Industrial Aerosol Kit – where every component is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your creation! ⚡️

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