Heat Resistant Aerosol 400ml: Premium Coating for High-Temperature Surfaces

Heat Resistant Aerosol 400ml: Premium Coating for High-Temperature Surfaces

£18.50 (exc VAT)

400ml ready to use heat resistant aerosol spray paint can, matt black or silver finish


✨ Introducing our Heat Resistant Aerosol Spray Paint Cans – the innovation your steel substrates have been waiting for! Elevate your projects with a burst of creativity and durability, as our spray paint cans redefine the game for surfaces like exhausts, ovens, and BBQs. ✨

✅ Heat Resistant up to 800°C: Defy the heat with confidence! Our spray paint forms a formidable shield, ensuring your steel substrates stay vibrant and resilient, even in the face of extreme temperatures.

✅ Black Matt and Silver Finish: Infuse your creations with a touch of sophistication! Choose between the timeless allure of Black Matt or the sleek brilliance of Silver, giving your projects the aesthetic edge they deserve.

✅ 1K, Ready to Use – No Thinners Required: Say goodbye to complexity! Our aerosol spray paint is a ready-to-use, one-component solution. No thinners required – just shake, spray, and watch your surfaces transform effortlessly.

✅ Spray Application Only: Embrace the ease of application! Our aerosol spray paint cans are designed for spray application, ensuring a smooth, even coat every time. Say farewell to brush marks and hello to professional-looking finishes.

✅ Various Sizes Available: Whether you have a small touch-up or a grand project in mind, we’ve got you covered. Our Heat Resistant Spray Paint is available in 1L, 2.5L, and 5L tins, providing you with the flexibility to match your project’s scale.

✨ Now Available in Silver! Elevate your options with the latest addition to our colour palette. Achieve the same heat-resistant excellence in a stunning silver finish, opening up new possibilities for your creative ventures.

Transform your steel substrates into masterpieces that endure both style and substance. With our Heat Resistant Aerosol, your projects are not just painted; they’re protected, enhanced, and ready to withstand the test of time. Unleash the potential of your creativity with the touch of our spray – where heat resistance meets aesthetic brilliance!