Cellulose High Build Primer 1L: Professional-Grade Surface Preparation

Cellulose High Build Primer 1L: Professional-Grade Surface Preparation

£11.20 (exc VAT)

Cellulose high build primer available in white or grey.


❇️ Elevate your surface preparation with our Chromate-Free Cellulose High Build Primers – a cutting-edge 1K acrylic solution designed to redefine your painting experience. These primers not only provide a thick, resilient coat but also boast a rapid drying time and easy sanding capabilities, ensuring a seamless application process. ❇️

✨ Chromate-Free Innovation: Step into the future of priming! Our Cellulose High Build Primers are chromate-free, reflecting our commitment to both environmental responsibility and product excellence.

✨ 1K Acrylic Advancement: Embrace the power of advanced formulation! These primers are crafted with 1K acrylic technology, delivering a thick, durable coat that stands up to the demands of various surfaces.

✨ Quick Drying Brilliance: Time is of the essence, and our primers understand that. Experience the thrill of a quick-drying solution, allowing you to move swiftly through your projects without compromising quality.

✨ Effortless Sanding: Achieve perfection with ease! Our Cellulose High Build Primers are not only quick to dry but also easy to sand, providing a smooth, even surface for the next steps in your painting journey.

Versatile Application: Suitable for correctly prepared bare steel and fibreglass, these primers offer versatility in application. Whether you’re working on automotive projects or fibreglass surfaces, expect exceptional results.

Transform your painting process with Cellulose High Build Primers that combine innovation, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. Say goodbye to chromates and hello to a new era of surface preparation that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Unleash the potential of your projects with a primer that adds both substance and style to your creations.