Cellulose High Build Primer – 5L: Superior Surface Preparation for Exceptional Paint Results

Cellulose High Build Primer – 5L: Superior Surface Preparation for Exceptional Paint Results

£39.75 (exc VAT)

Elevate your paint projects with our 5L Cellulose High Build Primer. Specially formulated for superior surface preparation, this primer ensures a smooth and durable foundation for your paint, delivering exceptional results and a professional finish.


✨ Unleash the power of perfection with our Cellulose High Build Primer in a generous 5L size – the go-to solution for achieving flawlessness in every stroke. This quick-drying cellulose primer, available in your choice of elegant white or sophisticated grey, is the secret ingredient for a flawless foundation that elevates your projects to a new level. ✨

⚡️ White or Grey Options: Customise your canvas with the timeless elegance of white or the subtle sophistication of grey. Our Cellulose High Build Primer allows you to set the tone for your creations, ensuring they radiate with the perfect hue.

⚡️ Quick Drying Formula: Time is precious, and so are your projects. Our high build primer boasts a quick-drying formula, letting you move swiftly from one stage to the next. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to efficiency.

⚡️ 5L Size for Grand Projects: For the ambitious endeavours and grand transformations, our primer comes in a substantial 5L size. This ample quantity ensures you have more than enough to cover your surfaces, allowing your creativity to flow without interruption.

⚡️ Versatile Application: Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, our Cellulose High Build Primer is designed for everyone. Create a smooth and even foundation on a variety of surfaces, unleashing the potential of your projects with ease.

Transform your projects into masterpieces with the Cellulose High Build Primer – where speed meets precision and versatility meets excellence. Elevate your creations, layer by layer, with a primer that sets the stage for perfection. Because, in the world of finishing touches, it’s the primer that makes all the difference!