1K Etch Primer Aerosols – 400ml: Superior Adhesion for Professional Surface Preparation

1K Etch Primer Aerosols – 400ml: Superior Adhesion for Professional Surface Preparation

£12.50 (exc VAT)

**Bulk discounts applied on 13 or more aerosols of the same colour**

13-24     –   £11.67 ex vat
25-48     –   £10.83 ex vat
49 -96    –   £10.42 ex vat
97-120   –   £10.00 ex vat
121+       –   £9.17 ex vat


✨ Revolutionise your surface preparation with our 1K Etch Primer Aerosols – the secret weapon for achieving a flawless finish on galvanised steel and aluminium surfaces. Dive into a world of fast-drying brilliance, unparalleled smoothness, and anti-corrosive excellence that sets the stage for your next masterpiece. ✨

⚡ Fast Drying: Time is of the essence, and our 1K Etch Primer Aerosols understand that. Experience the thrill of a rapid-drying formula that gets your projects ready for the next step in no time.

⚡️ Super Smooth Finish: Elevate your surfaces with a finish that’s nothing short of perfection. Our primer leaves behind a super smooth canvas, ready to be directly over coated for a seamless transition to the final touch.

⚡️ Excellent Anti-Corrosive Properties: Guard against the relentless march of corrosion! Our etch primer doesn’t just cover; it actively fights against corrosion, ensuring that your surfaces remain resilient and unblemished against the test of time.

❗️❗️ Bulk Discounts: Embrace the power of savings! For those larger projects, we offer bulk discounts when you order 13 aerosols or more of the same colour. Watch the prices drop automatically at checkout, making your purchase even more budget-friendly. ❗️❗️

Dive into a world where efficiency meets excellence, where surfaces are transformed with speed and precision. Our 1K Etch Primer Aerosols are more than just a coating; they are a statement of quality, durability, and the pursuit of perfection. Unleash the potential of your projects and enjoy the benefits of a primer that not only protects but also enhances the beauty of your creations. Elevate your craft with confidence – the secret is in the aerosol!