Wow, how good does this paint job look!

gold painted wheels


The MK1 Golf GTi is now finished, and how good does it look!

The best part of working with Dan Chambers is seeing the end result and as always we definitely weren’t disappointed! The  paint colour he chose for the MK1 Golf GTi, Volkswagen Mars Red, was the perfect choice and when you add the gold paint to the wheels it takes it to a whole new level…

As you know we have been supplying Dan with automotive paints, primers and consumables for his restoration projects and to date we have seen some great transformations. The MK1 Golf GTi is just another one to add to his already impressive list which includes a Yamaha xv750 Cafe Racer and a VW Caddy van and as always we are eagerly waiting to see what he will be working on next…

This latest project has taken Dan to a whopping 90.2K subscribers to his channel which has had an impressive 12,167,253 views since he joined in May 2020!

So, if like us you have a passion for cars, vans or motorbikes and you would like to see the amazing transformations Dan makes, then you can follow his journey by  subscribing to his YouTube channel. He also sells some great merchandise from his extremely popular online shop!

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