Looking for a car paint colour matching service?

For over 20 years Breakwells have been supplying customised paints, aerosol spray cans and consumables to the Automotive and Industrial sectors,  and during this time the team have become well know for their expertise in colour matching!

What is paint colour matching?
Colour matching is one of the most important services we offer and with the use of state of the art machinery and a technical team with a wealth of experience we can colour match to RAL, BS and Tekaloid paint colour codes. Our colour matching expertise doesn’t stop there though, we can also custom colour match to a sample. 

What is car paint colour matching to a sample?
Car paint colour matching is exactly what it says, matching the paint colour to your car! Generally this is done using the car paint colour code but for all our customers who don’t know their car paint colour code we can also match to a sample. Samples can be anything from a petrol cap to a car panel. But don’t worry if you haven’t got a sample to leave with us just bring your car up to our trade counter where our team will be able to help. With the use of a Spectrophotometer our technical team will match your paint to the car itself and with over 22 years of experience between them they can also expertly colour match by eye if needed!

This service is extremely useful for older vehicles where the paint colour may have faded or weathered over time. Custom colour matching to a sample or your car itself will ensure the paint is a perfect match! 

What is paint colour formulation?
Once custom colour matched your unique paint formulation colour code can be stored on our inhouse system for a small fee.  This will give you peace of mind that you will never have to worry about bringing the sample in again as it is stored here for you, making the re-ordering process straight forward.

What are paint colour spray out cards?
For our customers who would like that added piece of mind you can see the paint colour before your order is processed! We can spray the paint onto a paint spray out card so you can check your are happy with the match. If at this point it isn’t what you expected we can tweak this until you are happy with it.

So if you are looking for a car paint colour matching service, then look no further! But don’t forget we don’t just colour match to car paint we can also colour match to metal, wood, and cladding etc. Our trade counter is open daily between 8.30 and 5 so pop in and speak to our expert team for advice and guidance or alternatively you can give us a call on 01922 400444.


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