On National Apprenticeship Week Meet Hannah!

As National apprenticeship week comes to an end we thought we would take a look at Hannah’s journey and reflect on her first full month at Breakwells Paints as our Digital Marketing Apprentice!

Owner Russell has always firmly believed in the value of apprenticeships both for the individual and the business and is keen to keep investing in them where possible. The business already had a website, online shop and a presence on social media but it soon became evident the social media side of the business needed a dedicated person to manage it.

Hannah joined the team through Walsall College and officially started her role on January 10th. Hannah has experience in media, basic HTML and CSS, and a wealth of knowledge relating to social media and it was evident from the first interview that she was just what the business needed. After Hannah’s first few days here we knew she was a perfect fit for the business! In just one month she has learnt so much and put her own stamp on all of our social media channels! So on National Apprenticeship week we have taken a look at Hannah’s journey so far…

Automotive Paint Mixing
Breakwells specialise in Automotive Paint so what better place to start with Hannah’s training than on our Automotive Paint Mixing System, Octorall, by Valspar.

Hannah soon got the hang of it and mixed her first Automotive paint colour matched to a standard RAL colour.  She then used the skills she already had to  produce a video for us. This was a definite hit on our social channels, as it is definitely an area we lack in. We are looking forward to seeing many more videos in the future.

So why don’t you have a look at and see what you think of her paint mixing skills!

Breakwells introduction to ASMR
Hannah already had a passion for home décor and colour combining so she instantly related to our home décor range, ColoursBy.

She introduced us to ASMR, a concept that was unknown to most of the team here, and used the sound of the paint rollering onto the wall. How relaxing is that noise!

She has also used her passion for home décor to create some blogs with colour combination ideas on, these have been a great hit with our customers. Read more here, Do You Know What Colours Complement Emerald Green?

Made in the Midlands  Virtual Breakfast Meeting
Made in the Midlands is a trade association for Midlands manufacturing companies,  who provide members with a digital platform to increase their visibility in the marketplace.

Hannah has already had training on the platform and making the most out of Breakwells digital presence, so we thought it would be good for her to meet some of the fellow members and experience a virtual  breakfast meeting.

The above are just a few examples of what Hannah has experienced during her first month at Breakwells. Other areas of learning have included social media content planning, blog writing and of course, training on paint and its applications.

So as you can see from our point of view Hannah’s first month at Breakwells has been a busy but very productive month! But what does Hannah think….

“It has been an eventful first month but I have loved it! I can’t believe how much I have learnt in such a short period of time. I am looking forward to seeing what the next 12 months bring”

Make sure you follow our social media channels and keep an eye on our blog to see more of Hannah’s content.