Paints, Industrial Cellulose, Basecoat, 2K, do you know the difference?

Paints; we all know paint as paint but do you know the different types of paint and what markets they are commonly used for?

With over 20 years in the paint industry Breakwells are key suppliers to four main markets, Narrowboat, Industrial, Automotive and Heritage.  We supply a wide selection of paints (1K and 2K)  including Basecoat, Industrial Cellulose, Tractol and Tekaloid to these markets but do you know which paints are for which markets…

Industrial Cellulose 
Industrial Cellulose paint is a high quality fast drying paint that is used for classic cars and industrial applications. It gives an excellent gloss finish and is a spray gun application paint. The mixing ratio for industrial cellulose paint is 1 part cellulose paint to 1 part cellulose thinner.

Tractol paint is a high performance synthetic coach enamel that is for use on agricultural and plant equipment. It is formulated to give durability and a high gloss finish and is suitable for both brushing and spray gun application. 

Tekaloid paint is a superior coach enamel that gives a high gloss finish with excellent flow properties making it particularly suitable for brush application, although Tekaloid paint can also be sprayed if required. It is ideally suited for use on classic cars and bikes making it perfect for the heritage markets. It can be used on metal, plastic and wood as long as it is used with an appropriate primer

Basecoat paints are a durable automotive paint and are simply the coloured paint of the vehicle that will be applied on top of the primer. Base coat paint doesn’t contain hardeners so it will need a clearcoat applied on top of it, or lacquer as it is often referred to as.

1k and 2k Paints
What is the difference between 1k (one component) and 2k (component) paints is a question we are frequently asked and the simple answer is 2 component paints require a hardener, which can also be referred to as an activator. 1k paints are easier to use and faster drying paints whilst 2k paints are more hard wearing. 

Our range of paints are supplied in tins, aerosol spray cans and touch up paint pots. We can colour match our paints to any RAL, BS Or Tekaloid paint colour code and can custom colour match to a sample provided if required. We have heat resistant and uPVC paint options if required.

All of our paints are available to purchase on our online shop, But if there are any other products you are looking for that you cant find on our shop give us a call on 01922 400444 and we will happily look into this for you. If you need any advice reference the best paint to use for your substrate or whether it is brush or spray application then our knowledgeable technical team are on hand Monday – Friday between 8.30 and 5 to assist and advise you.

NB – Always refer to the technical data sheets before use